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Considering Vacation Rental by Owner?

Well stop considering and start doing.
With Shore Details, you too can enjoy the security and Freedom of Rent by Owner…we make it easy!

Shore Details is the only Property Service Company on Hatteras Island serving ALL the needs of “Rent by Owner” clients. After years with few options, you now have a choice…You can be in charge…You can control your rentals, know your guests personally AND with Shore Details … you’ll know everything is taken care of. The best part … you still have an experienced management team standing by to help out at every turn.

Your guests will find freshly made beds each week, a gift bag waiting and when they stay in a Shore Details home they have a personal concierge ready to answer all their questions and help plan the perfect vacation! Our Rent-by-Owner clients know they’re in good hands with weekly inspections and personal care. You’ll also have access to Resort Cleaning where you can provide notes and special requests for your guests and schedule your own visit! So don’t worry, we’re here to help! We’ll help guide you through the process and after years in this market we can tell you, it’s easier than you think.

Our name speaks for itself…you’ll find the Shore Details name on over 50% of all Rent-by-Owner homes on Hatteras Island!

Forget what you thought you knew about property management …come be a part of a new adventure where YOU matter!! Contact us today and let us show you the way to a better experience…let us show you the Shore Details difference!

You can expect:

  • Emergency contact service for your guests and with Shore Details you reach a live person…24 hours a day!

  • Someone to handle your repairs, from large too small. We have a full and experienced team at work for you AND we work with the most reputable vendors on the island.

  • The best housekeeping service on the island!Shore Details
  • Linen service, full concierge service and don’t forget…

  • One company, one invoice and no hidden fees!

Check out our testimonial page and see what owners are saying… like this one:

“I am finally getting around to responding to your request for feedback. I don’t normally bother with these but I have been so impressed with all of the folks I’ve come into contact with at Shore Details, I wanted to let you know. It seems that you and your husband have managed to successfully attract a build a team of really great service-oriented folks! Jennifer was very professional and unbelievably patient with me when I had questions about the packages and fees, and in helping to get the business side of things set up”.
Barbara Ziselberger

SO, call today and relax…let us do the work!!

See the additional services we provide at your request

Pool & Hot Tub Services

Storm Prep & Assessment

Lawn Care Service

Pest Control Service

Home Maintenance Care

Pool and Hot Tub Service

Your pool and hot tub will be serviced twice weekly to keep it safe and sparkling for you and your guests! We don’t forget the details, the pool area and decks will be kept clean and inviting by our state certified staff. Like everything we do we pride ourselves in partnering with the best professionals on the island. You won’t be disappointed in the weekly care, upkeep, and overall maintenance of your pool and spa. We know repairs and maintenance can be expensive. We keep your costs down by properly caring for your pool and spa all year long. Contact us for pricing.

Storm Prep and Assessment
We look after your investment! Before the storm hits know that your home is safe as possible. We shut your home, put shutters in place and let you know when it’s all done. As soon as the storm passes we assess damage and begin emergency repairs immediately. Don’t get lost in the pack, get that personal service that will put your mind at ease! We will work with your insurance adjuster providing detailed information and pictures, helping you get through the red tape faster!

Lawn Care Service

Improve your curb appeal, let our caring staff complete the appearance; let us show you the Shore Details look! We provide lawn care bi-weekly or monthly. We can also assist with your landscaping plans! Please contact us for details.

Pest Control Service
We don’t believe the standard “quarterly contract” has a big impact on our island critters. Most of these services are minimum and homes continue to have pests. We find it more effective to treat the problem as they occur so instead of charging for what you don’t need…. we offer to manage your pest control service on an as needed basis. Our management plan is more effective AND less expensive....Contact us today for more information.
Home Maintenance Care
We all know how important regular care and pro-active maintenance can be. Let us sign you up for one of our Maintenance Packages that will help keep your home in tip top shape. All our packages include monthly service inspections, Hvac filters and changes, as well as winter inspections and much more. We have a full team of professionals taking care of every detail, from the basic maintenance to pressure washing and large home projects. We know how to keep your home in great shape AND we keep you informed so you’re always in the loop when it comes to your home repair. Contact us today and ask for all the details!

Rent by Owner Management Plan Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sign a contract?2017-04-07T20:32:20+00:00

Yes, for your protection as well as ours. Our contract is simple and just as we count on you we want you to know you can count on us.

Stay in Control, put more of YOUR income in YOUR pocket, enjoy the freedom of managing your own property AND have the great service on Shore Details can offer…. What’s not to love! Call today and let our trained staff tell you all about VRBO…you’ll wonder why you needed anything else!

What if we want Shore Details to handle all our rentals?2017-04-07T20:31:51+00:00

If you think even a few hours a week is more than you are ready for then check out the Full Service Property Management Plan

The rental companies tell me I am taking a chance by not having their support, is this true?2017-04-07T20:31:12+00:00

Absolutely not! Shore Details has been the top service provider for Owner Managed homes on Hatteras Island for over 11 years…we do it the same way they do…. only better! We are insured, our spa techs are certified, we recommend and work with the same vendors, and we are here 24 hours a day to handle guest emergencies…. the only question you have to ask is this; “Do I want better service, more money in my pocket and peace of mind that my home and my guests are in the hands of professionals who really do care about my home and my wallet”?

What about the guests, is there anyone to take care of their questions?2017-04-07T20:30:38+00:00

Of course, We have a full maintenance staff AND we provide your guests with a personal concierge to help with all their planning and questions from the first day to the last. We have 24-hour service, your guests will never be without our team of professionals AND the best part…we’ll keep you informed of issues that need your attention. Just check out what guests are saying about Shore Details, just like you they will have no worries!

How do the charges compare with what I pay now?2017-04-07T20:29:38+00:00

You will be amazed! Take away the commission, the high maintenance charge and all the other “smoke and mirror” fees and you’ll see a difference the first year.

Is the set-up process easy?2017-04-07T20:18:00+00:00

Definitely! Sites like make it easy with step-by-step set up, email templates, help with taxes, travel insurance AND sample contracts. You’ll have fun creating your own description and loading the pictures you like and keep in mind…. we are here to help along the way.

How much time will I spend managing my own rentals?2017-04-07T20:17:34+00:00

Most homeowners tell us they spend about an hour or two a week once they have everything ready to go, and the set-up is easy! With the Internet making everything we do easier it just makes sense that it would make this easier too…and it has! Join all the rest who have said….” why am I giving a good part of my money to someone else when I can do this myself with ease”?!

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