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Random Acts of Kindness: Feel Good Stories This Week

In the midst of a pandemic, the world is experiencing dark times. Sickness, unemployment, isolation, and feelings of depression and anxiety are just a few of the many side effects of COVID-19. Many say that the pandemic is bringing out the worst in people – some aren’t taking quarantine seriously and are risking getting others sick, some are hoarding items from grocery stores, and so on. But the pandemic is also bringing out the best in humanity, as people come together and create a village of hope, support, and help with those surrounding them.

Random Acts of Kindness in Hatteras Island

The tight-knit island community always pulls together to weather a storm. The storm of the pandemic is no exception – the community is decorating their homes with Christmas lights to lift spirits during this trying time. Homeowners are decorating anchors and placing them on their front porch to signify “Hatteras Strong”.

Members of the community are doing what they can to bring joy and happiness to their neighbors. One woman drove around in her golf cart, playing Christian Hymns on her flute to spread smiles among her neighborhood.

The community as a whole are volunteering and doing what they can to keep others happy, safe, and healthy. Some members are preparing breakfast and lunch for students in need at the community center in Rodanthe and Cape Hatteras Elementary school, and many are volunteering to provide childcare, support for homeschooling, grocery, and personal item delivery, and delivering hot meals to the elder and anyone in need.

Random Acts of Kindness Throughout the Nation

People all around the country are offering to help others through this difficult time. Neighborhoods and counties are coming together and doing what they can to help others stay safe and healthy. No act of kindness is going unnoticed, no matter how small or large.

Facebook pages are being created within communities in the nation. Members from the community are posting on these pages when they are making trips to the grocery store or going to get supplies and offer to pick up and drop off supplies for anybody in their community who may need it. Some post on the Facebook page when they are in need of something but can’t get it themselves or can’t find it, and people in the community jump right in and offer assistance.

Fast food and local restaurants are also pitching in. Many restaurants in all states are staying open and offering delivery and curb-side pick up services so that families are still able to eat if they can’t make it to the grocery store, or can’t find what they need. Grocery stores are also offering delivery services so that people don’t have to leave their houses and can continue to practice social distancing. Many grocery stores are even establishing “elderly hours” so that the elderly can come into the grocery store right away in the morning and avoid crowds.

Businesses Stepping Forward

Hundreds of businesses have been stepping in to help fill in the gaps. These companies are aiding first responders and healthcare workers by providing vital equipment like protective masks, as well as the rest of the nation, whether they need meals, storage, or other services.

Shore Details: Staying Healthy

At Shore Details, we are taking every precaution to prevent the spread of COVID-19 with heightened cleaning, sanitation, and disinfecting protocols. We ask that you do your part to maintain your health, and the health of those around you by frequently washing your hands, regularly wiping down and sanitizing surface areas, as well as staying in your room if you are developing any flu-like symptoms. Please stay safe in this time of uncertainty – we are all in this together!

One of the many reasons Hatteras Island, NC, attracts copious amounts of visitors is because of their local recipes. From fresh flounder and tuna to crab and shrimp, Outer Banks food is undoubtedly the best around. Taste the goodness yourself by preparing the following three local recipes in your Shore Details vacation rental.

Outer Banks Food Extraordinaire, Sharon Peele Kennedy

Hatteras Island chef, Sharon Peele Kennedy, has spent years perfecting local recipes. She quickly turned heads after her lively cooking demonstrations at the Outer Banks Food Festival and her presence on multiple local radio stations. Her recipes, and persona, gained so much recognition that she combined the two into her book, “What’s for Supper?” Visitors and locals alike adored her unique twist on local recipes so much that Sharon continues to publish updated cookbooks—she’s just released her third edition! Our Shore Details team narrowed down our favorite recipes to local dishes you can make while on vacation.

Crab Boil

Click here to watch her video with further instructions.

Steamed Shrimp

With Sharon Peele’s Shrimp 101 cooking skills, it’s hard to prepare shrimp poorly. To start, bring your pot of water to a rolling boil and squeeze fresh lemons into your boiling water. This will add the same amount of flavor to your shrimp as salt and pepper, but won’t dry out your meat. Sharon encourages viewers to base the required water off of the amount of shrimp they’re preparing. Brown shrimp are smaller than white shrimp and require less water— they also cook quickly (without getting tough) when sauteed, stewed, or steamed. All you have to do is add shrimp to your pot of rolling water and turn off the flame. The shrimp will cook for about four minutes before they’re pink and ready to be drained from the water. Sharon recommends serving shrimp on ice, so they stop cooking. This also makes removing the shrimp’s shell a little bit easier. Check out Sharon’s detailed Shrimp 101 demonstration for additional sauce and seasoning recommendations.

Shore Details

Both boiled crab and steamed shrimp are delicious dishes that you can prepare for your holiday celebrations. While some locals enjoy making Outer Banks food as the main entree, both recipes can also be used as appetizers. Be sure to share your creative twist on our local dishes during your stay in our Shore Details’ vacation rentals! To learn more information about our favorite things to do in Hatteras, NC,visit our website or talk to our staff at 252-207-0179. Happy holidays!