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Vacationing in North Carolina for spring break is a wonderful idea, especially going to the Outer Banks with kids. The coastal area boasts several Outer Banks activities for children—whether they’re learning to walk or just accepted a college offer. Guests of all ages will find something they enjoy during spring break in North Carolina. Luckily, most spring break activities for kids are situated near our Shore Details’ vacation homes. So no matter which of our beach houses in the Outer Banks you’re looking into, there will be countless Outer Banks activities nearby.

Water Sports

When in the Outer Banks, you’ll likely be searching for ways to be on the water. The most common way to enjoy the ocean is by exploring nearby Outer Banks equipment rentals, such as jet skis and boats. Other popular Outer Banks equipment rentals include kayaks, surfboards, and paddleboards. Recently, windsurfing and kiteboarding are two of the most requested Outer Banks activities. There are several facilities situated on beaches that offer guided lessons, such as Kitty Hawk Watersports. For an extra treat, Island Cycles & Beach Gear gifts Shore Details guests a $250 voucher to use on free beach gear rentals, such as bikes, kayaks, and paddleboards.

Crabbing in the Outer Banks

While there are several attractions you’d like to try in North Carolina during spring break, we bet that crabbing in the Outer Banks never crossed your mind. For those of you who have never taken a moonlit stroll down the beach, Ghost Crabs are the most active and visible at night. Locals and guests alike shine flashlights along the shoreline to spark the crabs’ reaction. Keep in mind; you can also go crabbing in the Outer Banks during the day. Just dig in the shallow water, and dozens of critters will crawl to the surface, such as sand crabs and sand daggers.

Shore Details

After exploring several Outer Banks activities throughout your North Carolina spring break, return to your Shore Details vacation rental. With our wide variety of vacation homes to choose from, we’re confident your family will find our accommodations to be nothing short of perfect. For assistance finding the best lodging accommodation for your family, talk to our staff today by calling 252-357-7121.

With warmer weather and spring break just around the corner, it’s important to learn the best ways to travel in the Outer Banks. Driving in Hatteras Island can be a struggle with limited parking. Public transportation forces your family to follow a strict schedule. But Outer Banks bike rentals are just right! Our staff here at Shore Details knows OBX bike rentals like the back of our hand. Don’t know where to begin? Start with our favorite Outer Banks bike rentals and bike paths listed below. 

Island Cycles

Location: Hatteras Island
Price: $40 per week
Photo of a Couple Walking Their Outer Banks Bike Rentals on the BeachRental Options: Classic beach bike, geared cruiser, and hybrid bikes (a cross between a mountain bike and road bike)
Why Choose Island Cycles? We enjoy Island Cycles because their bike supplies are suitable for all terrains, such as the beach, paved road, or rough ground. All guests can find a bike rental that’s the best fit for them, no matter their physical ability, size, or age. Our guests also love Island Cycles because your rental bike can be delivered right to your door, free! However, they also boast other Outer Banks equipment rentals, such as kayaks, paddleboards, surfboards, and more. 

Are There Bike Paths Near Me?

No matter what part of Hatteras Island you explore, there will be dozens of marked bike paths. Hatteras Island visitors particularly enjoy biking through Eagle Pass Road to look at lively marshes and ponds that are hidden on the town’s backroads. There’s also a small nature trail nearby that can be viewed on foot or bike. To get there, turn right after passing the sunflower yellow weather station. You’ll pass through what’s known as “Old Hatteras,” which is a group of historic homes, hidden behind Spanish moss coated oaks.

Shore Details

Your excitement-filled day wouldn’t be possible without the amazing help of Island Cycles. Our staff paired up with Island Cycles to provide the best Outer Banks bike rentals experience— after reserving a vacation home, you’ll receive $250 to put toward any Island Cycles beach gear. We guarantee that our large selection of beach houses on Hatteras Island will make you feel at home. Please contact our staff today to learn more information about our favorite Outer Banks activities by calling 252-357-7121.