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We’re proud to introduce the new and improved Shore Details website! The website has undergone many changes to enhance the user experience and improve property management functionality. We’re so excited to share these amazing new features and improvements with you. 

What’s New With the Shore Details Website?

We’ve been busy making updates to the website that are beneficial to property owners, renters, and prospective renters. The best way to check out all of our changes is to check out the website, but we wanted to outline a few of our biggest changes in this article.

It’s Never Been Easier to Book

Visit our updated homepage, and the first thing you’ll see is the improved booking engine, which makes booking rentals in the Outer Banks easier than ever before. The booking engine now allows prospective renters to insert flex dates; no other company on Hatteras Island has this handy feature, making booking with Shore Details a no-brainer. Prospective renters will love this feature when looking for rentals in Avon, Buxton, Frisco, Hatteras Island, and more. 

New & Updated Sections

Scrolling down on the homepage, you’ll find the Discover Shore Details section, which has been updated. You’ll discover a link to the new activities & events page, a new testimonial section that links to the testimonials page, and featured properties. These new and updated sections and pages provide more functionality to the website and are a great way to assist renters and prospective renters. 

Specials Page

We’ve also added a brand new specials page. This page shows off the different discounts, steals, and deals we have to offer. The specials page is a great way to appeal to cost-sensitive renters. 

Revamped Property Management Page

We’ve completely revised the property management page. We added content to explain why listing with Shore Details is a great decision. There’s also a new section that will show how much a property can make, something that isn’t offered anywhere else. Additionally, we’ve added a new owner advantages page, a new guest advantages page, and a powerful new booking page. 

New Real Estate Page

We’ve rolled out a new real estate page with information on buying and selling real estate on the Outer Banks. Easy navigation makes finding the perfect place to call home on the Outer Banks simple. One of the cool new features on this page is the free market analysis, which will let property owners discover the value of their property. 

Meet Our Sales Team

Our real estate page links to another new page, our meet our sales team page. We want everyone to know our incredible agents; click on their photos to pull up more information about them. This page is also accessible from the real estate dropdown on the site’s top navigation.

Plan Your Trip

A plan your trip section has been added to the navigation, with revised dropdowns. This revision will better help future travelers plan their stay. 

We hope you enjoy the new and improved Shore Details website; the added pages, functionality, and improved booking widget will be hugely beneficial. And we’re not done adding to it yet! Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming feature that will further enhance the guest experience.

15 Benefits of Booking a Vacation Rental vs. a Hotel

We’ve all been there. You just spent a mini fortune on a less-than-desirable hotel that promised the world but failed to meet expectations. The hotel room felt cramped. There weren’t enough on-site amenities to go around. The beach was packed to the brim with tourists. And, in reality, you felt more like a number rather than an actual real-life guest with needs, desires, and pre-vacation assumptions. Thankfully, an alternative exists in the form of a unique, well-managed vacation rental.

Vacation Rental vs. Hotel: Game. Set. Match.

Eons of time and effort go into staging, managing, enhancing, maintaining, and cleaning a vacation rental. It’s genuinely an honor and a privilege to welcome each slew of new, eager guests into our homes, day after day, week after week, and month after month. Here at Shore Details, you’re treated like family, not a number. We go above and beyond in every facet of the lodging experience. In hopes of providing a little extra insight into the many benefits of a vacation rental vs. a hotel room, we’ve compiled 15 reasons to reconsider your vacation habits this winter. Enjoy!

  1. Get more bang for your buck. There’s no denying the allure of extra square footage. And vacation rentals are also cost-effective!
  2. Use that fully-equipped kitchen to your advantage. Save money on expensive dinners and spur-of-the-moment lunches. Plus, cooking is more fun anyway! Or, ahem, enlist the help of a local private chef.
  3. Vacation rentals are much safer during the times of COVID-19, especially in terms of social distancing and enhanced safety measures.
  4. Each vacation rental is personalized, ranging from the unit’s distinct theme to local artworks and unique furnishings.
  5. Rent something that feels like home, not a jail cell (only half kidding). Relish all of the comforts of home during your getaway, such as spacious bathrooms, modern technology, and security.
  6. While hotels flaunt stale continental breakfast and not-so-speedy Wi-Fi, many vacation rentals come equipped with a bevy of tangible amenities, including bicycles, beach gear, board games, and personalized services.
  7. Revel in all of that private acreage. Many vacation rentals feature yards to go along with specious parking lots and private beach access.
  8. There’s no need to buy multiple hotel rooms or split up a group because there’s bound to be a vacation that fits the whole gang!
  9. No more missing breakfast or worrying about pesky housekeepers rapping on your door in the morning. Sleep in—it’s a vacation after all!
  10. Property management agencies, such as Shore Details, offer personalized customer service that hotels simply cannot match. We go above and beyond for each renter and rentee as our sparkling reputation is on the line. Because it’s our job to make the owner AND the renter happy, we don’t miss a single detail.
  11. While on-site laundry may seem like a rather unsexy benefit to some, many groups and large families depend on it, especially when vacationing for weeks at a time.
  12. Yes, we just touched on personalized customer service. But it’s worth reiterating that each stay includes a concierge who knows the home just as well as the area itself. They’re always standing by, whether you need more towels, dinner recommendations, or help to book a tour.
  13. Let’s be honest, 99 percent of hotels simply cannot match those spacious family rooms, often equipped with extra-large televisions, fireplaces, ultra-comfortable couches, and walk-out decks.
  14. It’s hard to put a monetary value on privacy. But it sure feels nice to have nearly a dozen private spaces, such as decks, balconies, pool areas, garages, and beach trails.
  15. Who doesn’t love variety? Getting to sift through dozens upon dozens of vacation rentals is mildly enthralling, especially when you stumble upon one that meets ALL of your needs, such as location, size, and look. It’s kind of like house hunting!

Hatteras Island Rentals: Welcome to the Outer Banks

As a reminder: The vacation rental pros at Shore Details are readily available to walk you through the booking process, including selecting an exemplary oceanside home in North Carolina’s heavenly Outer Banks. We boast a fleet of Hatteras Island vacation rentals in Avon, Buxton, Frisco, and beyond, many of which are pet-friendly! It comes with great pleasure to announce an entirely new batch of 2021 rentals, ranging from some Sea Smoke to an idyllic Buxton channel house. The Outer Banks is the number one destination that “Americans are dreaming about” right now, so please inquire about a potential getaway at your earliest convenience. Get a quote online or call us directly at 252-357-7121.

Endless Groundswell: The Best Surf on Hatteras Island

The secret is out. North Carolina’s paradisiacal Hatteras Island is home to some of the cleanest waves on the East Coast, mainly a seven-mile stretch of sand between Avon and the picturesque Cape Hatteras Light Station. Surfers of all ages and skill levels can conquer these waves, depending on the tides. Wholly understanding the Atlantic Ocean’s tides is your group’s best bet to find a party wave. The only thing more exhilarating than dropping into a fierce wave is knowing that your luxurious, oceanfront Hatteras Island vacation rental awaits your return.

A Cape Hatteras Surf Guide

While the team here at Shore Details doesn’t pretend to know everything about the world of surfing, several members of our team have spent ample time carving through the eastern shoreline. And we also have a strong relationship with the guys and gals at the Natural Art Surf Shop, your one-stop shop for everything wave-related, particularly if you need a board, gear, or a Hatteras Island surf report. Before charging ahead into the three most popular surf locations in North Carolina, let’s take a moment to reflect on the island’s coastal beauty. Much of this land is preserved, so wildlife continues to thrive. There’s also less square mileage than most nearby beach destinations, meaning fewer tourists and more space for surfing. And the “dawn patrol” won’t find a more heartwarming place to welcome a glorious sunrise.

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

The Cape Hatteras National Seashore is home to three distinct surfing locales, namely the acreage near the first old lighthouse jetty. There’s a small parking lot within steps of the beach with plenty of spaces. Surfers, bodyboarders, and sunbathers alike frequent this semi-blustery haven. During high tide, waves often reach approximately five feet. Observing the lineup of surfers sitting patiently in the takeoff zone is always a sight to behold.


Hatteras Island has approximately 50 miles of pristine, sandy coastline. Thus, there’s truly no limit to the number of surf spots in the area. However, you’ll often witness droves of beachgoers gathering near the first turn out in Buxton. Please keep in mind that this area is mostly residential, so parking is limited. Simply find an open spot, and follow the people (or the sounds of the sea).

Avon Pier

Similarly-sized waves form at Avon Pier, about six miles north of Buxton. Because this popular fishing pier is within steps of Highway 12, it sees a lot of foot traffic. But the atmosphere is second to none. There’s just something uplifting about a beach that’s buzzing with energy from surfers, bodyboarders, anglers, and families of sunbathers. Avon Pier is also close to a few restaurants, which is an added perk.

Vacation Rentals in Buxton, Hatteras, and Frisco

The perfect place to start and finish each day of fishing, surfing, and bicycling is inside one of Shore Details’ finest Hatteras vacation rentals, such as the pet-friendly Dolphin’s Reach or Ocean Dream (as pictured). Luckily travelers will instantly fall in love with the island’s nautical charm and natural beauty, which blends flawlessly with many of our on-site amenities, such as private pools, instant beach access, covered decks, and complimentary bicycles. To learn more about our North Carolinian slice of paradise, please visit Whether you’re hoping to rent a secluded Hatteras beach house or a three-story home in the heart of Avon, you’ll quickly find a rental that suits your group’s size, style, and budget. We hope that you’re as amped as we are for fall—“the best time for surfing” on Hatteras Island!

If art is something you love, or even if it’s not, there are some beautiful and unique art galleries in the Outer Banks that you should check out on your next vacation. It can make for an enjoyable afternoon, whether you just want to admire artists’ creations, or if you’re looking for something to bring back home for you or a loved one. The art galleries in the Outer Banks are one-of-a-kind – you don’t want to miss out!

The Top Art Galleries in the Outer Banks

There are several art galleries that you can browse through, but to make it easier, we’ve narrowed it down to the top two art galleries in the Outer Banks that you have to visit. Read below to learn more about the top two art galleries in the area, that are all within driving distance of Shore Details

Pea Island Art Gallery

Find art from over 100 local artists at this beautiful gallery. These artists have different areas of expertise, so you’ll be able to find an array of different types of art – hand-made pottery, glass, jewelry, photography, mixed-media, wood, fiber, sculpture, garden art, original paintings, and reproductions, as well as etchings and hand-pulled original prints. With this variety, you’ll surely find something you’ll want to take home!

Angel Fritz Gallery

Angel Fritz’s paintings are loved by everyone who walks into her gallery. All of her pieces are a reflection of her path in life – you’ll find pieces of her journey through each of her different pieces. Guided by her own muse and spirit, she lets joy lead the way in her paintings. With this mentality of hers, it’s easy to see why her paintings are extremely unique from any other artist that you may encounter. Head to Angel Fritz Gallery to find true hand-crafted paintings.

Hatteras Island Rentals: Shore Details

View from a Beachfront Balcony, Just Minutes from the Best Outer Banks Art Galleries.Find the perfect vacation home when you stay at Shore Details. We have luxurious rentals for groups of all sizes, no matter the occasion. Not only are we committed to keeping our rentals beautiful and up to date, but we are also committed to the cleanliness of each rental to make sure that all of our guests stay safe. Enjoy beautiful views of the beach, your morning coffee on the porch, and spending time with friends and family in one of our luxury rentals. To reserve your home away from home, call us at 252-357-7121.

Finding the Perfect Rental

Planning your vacation to the Outer Banks NC starts with finding the perfect condo. Make sure to book it as soon as possible, especially during the peak season. When you choose one of our Shore Details rentals, you’ll walk into a clean, well-maintained condo every time. We pride ourselves in always welcoming our guests with freshly made beds and ready to use amenities prepared by 4 pm so you can hit the beach right away. If you’re new to Hatteras Island, our staff will help you choose the perfect home in the best location. You’ll know you’ve found your dream vacation condo when you see it, and it only gets better from there. All of our condos come with free beach gear and a discount on 4X4 Jeep Wrangler for beach drives along the coast. Experience “Hatteras Time” by booking one of our Hatteras Island Rentals.

The Outer Banks NC is a special place for both, locals and visitors. We have a local legend here that says once you get some sand in your shoes and saltwater in your blood, you’ll want to move here. There are plenty of fun activities for families with little kids and enchanting adventures for couples. However, the best things to do in the OBX are even better if you know what’s around your rental. Our helpful staff is readily available to assist you whether you’re cruising the waters or taking an OBX fishing excursion, they’ll help you find your way. Immerse yourself in the experience, and check out events happening on the OBX, from art shows and concerts, to seafood festivals, and so much more. There’s something special for everyone in the Outer Banks NC. Don’t delay book your OBX getaway with Shore Details today!