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Surfers from around the country flock to the Outer Banks, to paddle out into the Atlantic and experience some of the best waves on the East Coast. Both Frisco and Hatteras, offer great OBX surfing opportunities for beginners, with smaller and slower waves. Surfers consistently experience decent waves — making the OBX the perfect destination for surfers. Make sure you book one of Shore Details’ beachfront rentals in Frisco for your next Outer Banks vacations.

Surfing in Hatteras

The stone jetties combined with the beach’s location just north of Cape Point provide consistently exceptional breaks. A parking area gives everyone plenty of room to unload and prepare. The beach can get over-crowded, but the surf is worth it. Many local surfing competitions begin on the first jetty near the Cape Hatteras lighthouse and other Hatteras beaches. After a few visits, surfers will recognize that the combination of waves, and consistent conditions, are the main reason this is an ideal competing location. If you’ve never surfed, this is the perfect spot to learn! You’ll want to start with a longboard- generally longer, wider, and deeper board, making it more stable. Longboards are slower, allowing you more time and room to practice turning and maneuvering. If you booked your Outer Banks vacations with no specific plan, hoping to pick up a new hobby, you definitely should pick up surfing.

Outer Banks Vacations in Frisco

Another OBX surfing hot spot is the 1st turn out in Buxton. The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, more specifically, the jetties where the lighthouse was are a renown local surf spot. No matter where you pick to paddle out on the Outer Banks, chances are you’ll find decent waves, waiting to be ridden. Just be very cautious during storms or exceptionally windy conditions. If the ocean is a wild mess of white water and huge waves breaking close to shore, it might be best to sit out that session. Surfing can be an incredibly difficult skill to pick up. It’ll take hours of practice to get the hang of riding the waves entirely. On the upside, if you don’t nail it on your first vacation, you can always come back for more to improve your surfing skills. Shore Details has all your Outer Banks vacations accommodations covered.