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When staying in an oceanfront Shore Details vacation rental, you’re bound to have prime access to some of the best beaches on Hatteras Island. Take advantage of our beach gear rentals to ensure an unforgettable experience. Hop inside one of our 4×4 outer bank jeep rentals and drive to the nearest beach for a late-night beach bonfire. While most outer bank beaches allow fires, there are a few exceptions. We encourage all Shore Details guests to read through the outer banks’ bonfire regulations before you start your beach bonfire.

Beach Bonfire

Before striking a match, make sure your bonfire structure is safe and secure. Your bonfire should be a reasonable distance from any flammable items. The local law recommends building your campfire below the high tide line to reduce the threat of beach fires. To find the high tide line, search for an area of the beach lined with seagrass. You can also reference local tide charts that are available online. Once you have picked the perfect spot for your beach bonfire, dig a shallow hole in the sand. The hole will protect your fire from the wind. Many Shore Details guests ask us where they can find firewood. Just about any local grocery store, hardware store or convenience store sells small bundles of firewood. After your bonfire is built and lit, it’s time to enjoy! Grab your VayK rental beach chair and get comfy! You’ll have these memories for a lifetime.

When the beach bonfire starts to die down, your cozy Shore Details vacation rental will be waiting for you. Be sure to get a good night of sleep, because there are still many things to do on Hatteras Island tomorrow! Call us today at 252-357-7121 to reserve the vacation rental of your dreams!