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Guest Information

Welcome Guests!

If you’re staying in a Shore Details home, please be sure to review the below information and give us a call if you have any questions. Read all the guidelines for important information including beach safety and storm evacuation information.
Watch your Shore Details app on your mobile device for emergency updates in real time! Know when a storm is coming and know what to do to keep your family safe!

Visiting Hatteras but staying in a home managed by another company?
No Problem! We’re glad you stopped by!

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When you stay in a Shore Details home you can pack less and enjoy more by receiving 10% off beach gear of your choice, linens provided, AND 10% off a 3-day 4X4 Jeep Rental from Fish Tales 4×4’s.


Shore Details House Guidelines and Information

For our guests who smoke please…only outside and be sure to clean up debris. Please help keep our home smoke free for the enjoyment of all our guests.

Remember to keep doors and windows closed when the heat or AC are in use. Please do not lower the thermostat below 72 degrees while using the AC. Any lower setting will cause the AC to freeze and stop functioning.

We are on a septic system, PLEASE: no grease in the drains and do not overload the toilets with paper, use the trash for other items.

If your home is not keyless, be sure to return keys to lockbox at your departure.

Please keep the fridge temperature controls on the medium setting. The units have been opened more on departure day and it may take up to 12 hours for the fridge to reach optimal cooling after your arrival.

Internet Access

Look for the WELCOME CARD when you check in, there you’ll find your wi-fi login credentials as well as emergency contact information. At Shore Details we want everything at your fingertips and we want to let you know it’s always our pleasure to help, just give us a call!

Reminders for all island guests:
Be sure the modem is plugged in, click on the house connection and check the security before logging into any personal and confidential websites.


Pool and Spa

For detailed pool and hot tub rules, be sure to read
Shore Details Pool and Spa Policies.

Your pool and hot tub has been cleaned and serviced prior to your arrival; it may take a few hours for the water to reach desired temperature.

Pets at the Beach

For detailed house pet rules be sure to read
Shore Details Pet Policies

Dogs are allowed on the beach year-round if they are restrained with a leash six feet or less. Pets are not allowed on designated swim beaches or in buildings. Please clean up after your pet. Do not leave your pets unattended or allow them to bother other visitors on the beach, unless welcomed.


Your Air Conditioner

On a very hot day (90+degrees) please be aware the A/C units WILL NOT cool below 20 degrees difference from the outside temperature! Setting the temperature to a lower setting could cause serious damage. Turn on ceiling fans, lower the blinds and keep the doors and windows closed. Keep in mind that should you ignore these warnings and freeze the unit it may take 24 hours to have a repair technician at your home.


Your Trash Day


The large black cans must be facing the road with handle away from the street. They must be at least a foot apart so the truck can electronically pick them up.

RODANTHE/WAVES/SALVO Pick up Tuesday and Friday
AVON Pick up Tuesday and Friday
FRISCO/HATTERAS Pick up Monday and Thursday

Your Refrigerator/Freezer

Check-in day for you is also check-out day for the previous guest. This means the fridge has been opened for long periods of time, including the cleaning time. It CANNOT handle an overload of warm food all at one time. Leave items that do not need immediate refrigeration in the pantry or in your coolers. AVOID overfilling the refrigerator. It can take up to 24 hours for the fridge to reach optimum cooling temperature. PLEASE wait 24 hours before calling should you feel the fridge is not as cool as it should be.



On March 19, 2007 the Dare County Board of Commissioners voted in favor of an Ordinance banning fireworks on Hatteras Island. The Ordinance had an effective date of June 1, 2007. Please take note that the last section of the Ordinance reads:
Any person violating any provision of this section shall be guilty of a Class 3 Misdemeanor and shall be fined $250.00.
Please  to get all the rules and regulations for the towns in Dare County.

These Dunes Aren’t Made for Walkin’

As you walk over to the beach this summer PLEASE don’t trample the dunes and plants…they can’t withstand the pounding of feet. Please cross over designated pathways only. We need our dunes to remain healthy and strong!

Help us keep it beautiful!

Check out Guest Responsibilities

We’re sorry you have to go, before you leave please…

• Place all dirty dishes in dishwasher and start cleaning cycle.
• Take out all trash and place full trash cans by the road
• Empty fridge of all food
• All furnishings and decorations should be left as found
• Be sure to lock all windows and doors and lights turned off
• Check all drawers and closets for belongings
• And don’t forget to book for next year!

Thanks for your attention to our guidelines. Be sure to call if you have questions!


Please Read The Following Important Evacuation Information!!

With advanced hurricane warning systems, you should have ample time to prepare before the storm arrives. Keep in mind that flooding can begin well before a hurricane nears land. Plan to evacuate early, never attempt to drive through water on a road, water can be deeper than it appears.
Never attempt to drive during a hurricane.
If a hurricane is headed in your direction and local officials tell you to evacuate, you should do so as quickly as possible.

A Mandatory Evacuation is not negotiable, you MUST leave!


No one likes the thought of their hard-earned vacation time being cut short, but hurricanes are a reality here on the shore and hurricanes are dangerous storms! During the Hurricane Season (June-November), visitors and locals should stay alert to the possibility of approaching hurricanes and tropical storms. Flooding can occur well before a system makes landfall, so plan to evacuate early. Orderly and calm evacuations are important for the safety of all.

Evacuate in a calm, orderly manner, and obey the instructions of the officers directing traffic. Get to a shelter, hotel of other destination and stay there until the storm has passed. Do not drive in hurricane-force winds. Remain in your sheltered location until the storm passes and floodwaters recede.
Flooded highways are extremely dangerous! Just a few inches of water can float an automobile. Do not drive into or around standing water. Hurricanes can wash out roads, bridges and overpasses and possibly make them unsafe for travel.
Once the storm has passed, stay off the roads so they will be clear for emergency vehicles. Do not return to coastal communities until local officials announce that roads are open and it is safe to re-enter. Flash flooding can occur after a hurricane has passed and may occur with little or no warning.

  • Help Secure Your Vacation Cottage: Please do all you can to help secure your cottage by bringing in lightweight outdoor items and pulling the trash cans under the house. PLEASE check and lock ALL doors and windows and turn the AC off…
  • EMPTY THE FRIDGE! Hurricanes often result in a loss of power that can extend for days at a time. Please remove all perishables from the fridge.
  • CONTACT OUR OFFICE WHEN YOU LEAVE.!! We have to make sure all homes are secured, your cooperation helps us keep our staff safe! 252.357.7121
  • LISTEN TO PUBLIC WARNINGS! Do not assume that you will be able to return to Hatteras Island following a hurricane. Please listen for re-entry information and follow directions.

Here are some additional tips.

Fill your car before you leave!

Make sure you have cash! ATM’s may lose power and banks may close.

Have a place to go…a friend, family member, motel or shelter. Roads can easily flood or become congested with traffic, so think about where you are going before you go. And be sure to notify family or friends of your intended route.

Take supplies with you: LOTS of water, nonperishable foods, baby formula, flashlights, car chargers for your cell phones, radios, batteries, blankets, medications, etc.

DO NOT DRIVE in Hurricane-force winds or on flooded roads.


Follow the instructions given to you by authorities, and all will be fine.

NC Emergency Numbers

Dare County Emergency Coordinators …………………………………….252-473-3355
State Hotline – For current and emergency road conditions ……….511
Emergency Management…………………………………………………………252-475-5656
Highway Patrol……………………………………………………………………… 252-441-7431
NC Highway Dept. ………………………………………………………………..252-473-2990

Be Smart and Stay Safe!



Don’t stop reading now… below is some of our best kept secrets, where to go and what to do!!


1. Restaurants

  • Rodanthe/Waves/Salvo: Waterman’s Bar & Grill, Waves Deli, Lisa Pizza, Good Winds Restaurant
  • Avon: Nino’s Pizza, Bros Sandwich Shack, Oceana’s Bistro, Pangea Tavern, Po House, Gidget’s Pizza, Ketch 55
  • Buxton/Frisco: Tavern on 12, Orange Blossom, Diamond Shoals Restaurant, Buxton Munch, Pops Raw Bar, Sandbar & Grille, Sportsbar &  Grill, Rusty Surf & Turf Restaurant, Gingerbread House, Angelo’s Pizza,
  • Hatteras: Hatteras Sol Waterside Grill, Dinky’s Waterfront Restaurant, Breakwater, Sonny’s, Kat’s Deli, Hatteras Harbour Deli, Rocco’s Pizza

2. Water Sports

Surf, Kiteboard, Kayak, SUP and lots more! Whether you are experienced or new to the sport, these places will help with what you need to get in the water:

  • REAL Watersports, Rodanthe
  • Ocean Air Sports, Avon
  • AS Austin, Hatteras


3. Favorite Things to do

  • Rainy Day? Kinnakeet Clay in Avon may have a workshop for you, visit the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum at the very tip of Hatteras Village, or pick out a new book at Buxton Village Books
  • Spa Day: Book a massage through In Touch Massage and Wellness in Frisco (252) 995-4067 or Hatteras Island Chiropractic & Massage in Buxton (252) 489-1688
  • Night life: If you’re looking to watch that game check out Lighthouse Sports Bar in Buxton

4. Beach Driving

Want to enjoy Hatteras like a local? Then you need your own Jeep Wrangler 4X4!

Here are some things to know before hitting the beach in your vehicle…

• Recommended tire pressure when driving on the beach is under 18 psi

• Beach Wheelchairs: available at Chicamacomico Banks Fire Dept. (24297 HWY 12, Rodanthe 27968, 252-987-2493) and at Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Beach (Adjacent to Old Cape Hatteras Lighthouse site)

• Drive Safely: Proceed to due caution with consideration for other beach users. Watch for children and fishing lines. Be alert: and detour around people lying, standing or walking on the beach.

Public Beach Access

Villages of Rodanthe, Waves, and Salvo:
Pea Island Refuge boundary to Ramp 23 – 3.0 miles Ramp 23 – Ramp 27: (4.3 miles)

Avon Ramps: just north of Avon is Ramp 34 (PP, NL) and just south of Avon Ramp 38 (PP, NL). Also, south of Avon on the sound side is the Canadian Hole (PP, BH, S, NL) located between the villages of Avon and Buxton, between MP 58 and 59.

Buxton Ramps: located off the Park Road past the Hatteras Lighthouse Ramp 44 (PP, NL) and Ramp 45 (PP, NL). There are signs directing you to each ramp.

Frisco Ramps: located at the turn off for the Billy Mitchell Airstrip Ramp 49 and just south of Frisco (PP, BH, W, H).

Hatteras Ramp: located at the end of Hatteras past the Ferry Docks by the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum Ramp 55.

Please Visit National Park Service Hatteras Island for the latest access information and for fire permit guidelines.

To learn more about beach wedding permits and application instructions please visit:

5. Hatteras Island Church Services

Avon Worship Center
40082 Harbor Road, Avon 995-5111 10AM Sunday school, 11 AM Worship, 7 PM Worship

Buxton United Methodist Church
48221 Buxton Back Road 995-4306 9:30 AM Worship

Cape Hatteras Baptist Church
50195 Buccaneer Drive, Frisco 995-5195 11 AM Worship Service

Fair Haven United Methodist Church
24240 Seabreeze Drive, Rodanthe 987-1120 9AM Worship, 10 AM Sunday school

Hatteras Assembly of God
57343 Eagle Pass Road, Hatteras 986-2312 Call for Worship Times

Hatteras Island Christian Fellowship 995-6901 Call or visit web site for location and times

Hatteras United Methodist Church
57665 NC Hwy 12, Hatteras 986-2149 11:15 Sunday Worship Service

Heritage of Faith Church
52406 NC HWY 12, Frisco 995-6677 visit for Worship times

Kinnakeet United Methodist Church
40336 McMullen Road, Avon 995-5383 Call for Worship times

Little Grove United Methodist Church
52859 Piney Grove Road, Frisco 995-5519 8:15 Sunday Worship Service

Our Lady of the Seas Catholic Church
48478 NC HWY 12, Buxton 987-1312 9 AM English Mass 5:30 Spanish Mass

Salvo Assembly of God
27563 NC HWY 12, Salvo 987-1312 Call for Worship Times

6. Beach Safety

Staying safe on the beaches along the Atlantic Ocean should be everyone’s #1 priority on vacation, not just in the Outer Banks. The beaches of the Outer Banks are known to offer some of the best surfing along the East Coast. Good surf conditions are not always great for good beach safety.

Definitely one of the biggest threats to all vacationers are rip currents. Rip currents statistically account for 80% of all beach rescues. Knowing what to do in case of a rip current can save your life. Rip currents can form all along the Outer Banks.

No one should go swimming when the Red Flags are flying.

7. Island Life..

Outer Banks Tides: Times and Charts
Beach Accesses:
Fishing Reports: Frisco Rod & Gun
Ferry Schedule: NC Ferry System

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