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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you drive on the beach on Hatteras Island?

    Yes, you can. You will need to first obtain an Off-Road Vehicle Permit The online permit process is as simple as

    • Watching the ORV Safety Video  to learn best practices for safe and enjoyable beach driving.
    • Going to the Cape Hatteras ORV Permit page on,
    • Filling out the online application, and
    • Print the permit and proof-of-permit and place them in your vehicle (Annual proof-of-permit stickers will be mailed, but the printed proof-of-permit is good for 30 days). If you cannot print the proof-of-permit, you can pick up a self-certification card from outside our visitor centers or at many local tackle shops. On the self-certification card, simply write in the information from your permit, sign the card, and place on your dashboard.

    Two types of permits are available for purchase.

    • a 10-day Permit ($50, valid for 10 consecutive days),
    • or an Annual Permit ($120, valid for one year from date of purchase).

    Remember to keep the permit in the permitted vehicle and the proof-of-permit sticker clearly visible on your windshield.

  • How tall is the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse?

    The Cape Hatteras lighthouse in North Carolina is the tallest in America, at 210 ft. tall
    It was designed to assist sailors navigating the treacherous Diamond Shoals, there are 269 steps to climb but it’s a climb worth taking! The lighthouse was moved in 1999 to avoid erosion. As one of the 4 remarkable lighthouses that dot the landscape of the Outer Banks, the Cape Hatteras Light house in North Carolina simply stands out for its size, its notoriety, and its amazing views that can be explored and enjoyed by all Hatteras Island visitors. Contact us here to learn more about this amazing site, and to find more Outer Banks NC Things to do!

  • What should I know about the weather?

    The weather at the Outer Banks can be unpredictable. Storms and squalls come up quickly. Don’t swim during thunderstorms. Lightning is extremely dangerous and does strike the beach! If you can hear thunder, seek shelter immediately, as lightning can strike up to 25 miles from an apparent storm. For current weather conditions contact the National Weather Service at 252-223-5737 or follow them.

  • What should I know about digging in sand?

    Sand is a very unstable medium and is prone to collapsing. When playing in the sand, never dig a hole too deep where you find your head below the sand. Holes also pose a significant threat to people and wildlife alike enjoying the beach, especially during low-light conditions. Be mindful of this and always fill in any holes you dig before you leave the beach.

  • Should I bring supplies with me?

    We provide all our guests with a start up kit of supplies. This includes 1 roll of paper towels, 4 trash bags, and 4 rolls of toilet paper, 3oz Palmolive, sponge, bath amenities, frisbee and a Hatteras Island bucket list. All homes come with fully stocked kitchens, pots, and pans, silverware, dishware. You’ll find your beds made in all Shore Details homes. Beach gear can be rented and we offer a 10% discount to our guests.

  • How far from the closest airport?

    Norfolk International Airport is the closest commercial airport which is about 3 hours away. You can rent a call at the airport and enjoy your drive through the Outer Banks!

  • Are there grocery stores nearby?

    Yes, the major grocery store (Food Lion) is centrally located in Avon. There are also locally owned grocery stores in Waves (Waves Market and Deli), Buxton (Conner’s Supermarket), and Hatteras (Red and White).

  • What is travel insurance?

    Travel Insurance can be added to any reservation to protect you from many unforeseen travel issues. Should you need to cancel your reservation due to a family emergency, job loss, hurricane, flooding, or a mandatory evacuation. View our Travel Insurance page for more detailed information.

  • When are the pools and hot tubs open for use?

    Pools are open from April 1-October 31. Hot Tubs are open year-round.

  • What time is check in?

    Check in time is at 5 pm. We recommend planning your trip accordingly to provide our staff ample time to prepare your home. Should you arrive early please give us a call before going to your vacation home, although we cannot guarantee we will do our best to provide you easier access. Check ins before 3PM are not available

  • What time is check out?

    Check out is at 10 am. To make your departure easier we ask only that you have dishes washed and put away or if you have last minute breakfast dishes, please leave the dishwasher running. Check throughout the home for personal belongs, and take out your trash, that’s it.

  • When should I start planning my next vacation?

    As soon as you have your dates! Plan early and purchase travel insurance, this way you can secure the home you’re most interested in and begin making payments with our easy “Create your own Layaway” plan. Start with only $300 down, make payments YOU CHOOSE along the way, and have your vacation paid in full 45 days before arrival. We make it easy to plan early!

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