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North Carolina’s Outer Banks offer plenty of things to do during spring’s inevitable arrival, including relaxing beach days, wildlife adventures, and even exciting nightlife options. The beach provides plenty of cost-effective activities that the entire family will enjoy. Adventure enthusiasts can also try various water sports, horseback riding, and even hang gliding. Let us explore some of the most popular things to do in the Outer Banks together.

1. Relax on the Beaches

One of the most popular things to do in the Outer Banks is to relax on the beach. The best part about this destination is the 100 miles of beaches that stretch along the barrier islands. There are many different beaches, and all of them are clean and family-friendly. If you are interested in water sports, check out our 4×4 rentals for an exciting day driving along the sandy shoreline. There are also some dog-friendly beaches here, so don’t leave your pet at home!

2. Pea Island Wildlife Refuge

The Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge spans many acres of land, making it one of the most impressive natural areas in the state. There is a wide variety of wildlife here, including over 400 bird species, white-tailed deer, and red wolves. Visitors can indulge in hiking, fishing, and kayaking.

3. Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

For over a century Cape Hatteras Lighthouse has protected ships from one of the most hazardous sections of the Outer Banks Atlantic Coast. This stunning structure has endured several renovations over the past several decades, proudly donning its trademark white and black stripes. Visit this coastal landmark to learn more about its fascinating history. Don’t forget to pack a camera so that you can take several photos of the spectacular view from the top of this lighthouse. 

Now that we have had a look at some of the best things to do in the Outer Banks, you can look for a place to stay. For a family vacation to Outer Banks, look no further than Shore Details. We have beautiful vacation homes throughout the region, including Avon, Frisco, and Buxton. Just one look at these spectacular homes and it will take your breath away. To book, please check availability online.