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The Outer Banks is one of the top-rated beaches for family vacations. People come here from all over the world to get away from their daily routines, spend time with families, and enjoy our beaches.

The hardest part for many people is to leave work behind and unplug completely while on vacation.

According to the CBS News, roughly 56 percent of workers surveyed this year said they touch base with work when they’re supposed to be taking a vacation break, up from 41 percent of workers in 2016. The survey included more than 2,800 workers from 28 U.S. markets.

Millennials are the most guilty, checking their emails or answering calls instead of relaxing and enjoying their vacation, mainly because of the use of their smartphones.

Depending on your job situation, it is best to make plans and set up expectations with your work so you don’t spend your vacation answering emails and taking phone calls.

One of the reasons people bring their smartphones to the beach is to take photos. However, once the phone is nearby, it’s hard not to update your Instagram and share your photos with friends and families. Set time aside so you can do all that without compromising vacation time.

Wake up early and watch the sunrise. We have an amazing sunrise over the water. You may also see dolphins.

Go for a walk on the beach. Walk or run barefoot to get grounded. Here is research on the benefits of grounding.

Collect seashells and plan to work on a project together. Get a flat wooden frame, Dollar Tree frames are fine and glue the seashells on it, put a photo of your beach vacation on it and you have a souvenir for life.

Sometimes there are local Yoga instructors that offer Yoga on the beach for a small fee. Highly recommended. This helps clear your mind and leave all work and worries behind. It’s easier said than done but give Yoga a try.

Fishing is always fun with friends and family. Use this time to educate young children about ocean and sea animals.

Check out our previews blog about fishing, the rules and regulations, and the best places to fish.

Surfing is one of the top activities enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. For best places to surf and surf forecast, check out the https://obxsurfinfo.com

If you still need help to vacation on the Outer Banks and live for a week like a local, check out our Vacation Planner.