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Tips and Tricks for Vacation Planning

Shore Details Concierge at Your Service

Let’s be honest. Vacation Planning is hard work. There is SOOOO much information available online, it can be overwhelming. And, regrettably, some of the information from third parties can be misleading. That’s why Shore Details created its own Vacation Planning department. We can create a vacation that is tailored to your wants and needs.

Our vacation planning team is just like a concierge team at a 5-Star hotel. The definition of concierge is a professional caretaker, personal attendant or trusted confidant. We demonstrate that definition daily for our clients. Travel is an ever changing, multi-faceted investment. Shore Details’ knowledgeable vacation planners are here to save you time and money.  Like financial planning or medical advice, sometimes it truly is in your best interest to contact a professional. Please allow us to design a personalized vacation to the Outer Banks of North Carolina for you and your family and friends – be our guest!

Vacation Services
  1. Learn from a local.
    Our employees live here and work here on Hatteras Island. Our team of community minded individuals, is personally invested in the southern beaches of the Outer Banks, collectively referred to as Hatteras Island. They each work closely with our clients to determine their likes and dislikes, because the more we know about the things that matter most to our clients – the better equipped we are to craft unique and wonderful experiences that will leave them with a lifetime of memories.

  2. Share your dream.
    A vacation to Hatteras Island means different things to different people. Please tell us the following:

    • People: Who is vacationing?
      Our planners have experience in vacations for couples only; small families with young children; extended families with members from multiple generations; seniors; vacationers with special needs; and vacationers traveling with a dog. Knowing the number of people in your group, their ages and other pertinent information insures that Shore Details can suggest and even arrange for activities that will include all age groups or specific age appropriate activities for certain members in your group. Also, resources such as cribs, bicycles and beach chairs can be reserved and delivered to your rental upon arrival.
    • Interests: What do you want to do?
      There are so many options to choose from, it is helpful to identify your activity list, so we can plan your timeline. Adventure tours can be scheduled throughout the week. Reservations for a relaxing massage at a local spa or a private session at your vacation rental can be made for a day and time that suits you best. Historical sites can be explored, with some offering behind the scenes tours. Your Concierge may even surprise you by making a recommendation you could have never found online.
    • Timing: When do you want to visit?
      We understand that for some clients, your vacation dates are set in stone. Other vacationers have more flexibility in when they can vacation. Knowing when you want to visit is important because discounts may be available and there may be more choices of places to stay. Knowing the preferred timing of your visit, your Concierge can let you know of community events that will be happening during your stay such as a festival, a marathon, a concert or a fishing tournament.
    • Location: Where do you want to stay?
      • Again, there are several choices.
      • Oceanfront, second or third row rentals that offer ocean views
      • Soundfront or sound view
      • A favorite village: Rodanthe, Waves, Salvo, Avon, Buxton, Frisco or Hatteras
      • Type of rental: condominium; quaint cottage; modern, multi-level rental home
      • Amenities: elevator, private pool or community pool, tennis, pet friendly
      • Knowing where you want to stay is important because with the myriad of possibilities, we want to zero in on your preferences.
    • Value: How much time do you want to save?
      Shore Details vacation planner is a time saver. Wasted time doesn’t add value to your vacation experience. Let us take care of every detail to provide you with a wonderful stay on the Outer Banks that will have you returning home feeling refreshed and renewed and most importantly, looking forward to returning next year.

  3. Discounts are possible.
    • Returning guests – Many homeowners offer a discount on next year’s reservation year to encourage you to be a repeat guest. In addition to this being a financial value, it can be emotionally satisfying – you know where the house is, its floorplan and its amenities.
    • Winter guests – January, February and March vacationers benefit from the best deals. Granted, it can be cold and windy, but the beach is beautiful every day of the year. These winter months also offer the best “shelling” as currents churn up the ocean and bring a variety of sea shells on to land. And for the record, the Outer Banks is not a ghost town during the winter. Yes, some restaurants and outdoor recreational venues do close for the winter. It is a great time for them to renovate their businesses for the new year. However, most restaurants, stores and attractions such as our natural parks and the aquarium are open year-round.
    • Shoulder Season guests – April and May in the Spring and September, October in the Fall represent the “shoulder season” on the front end and back end of our island’s “high season” defined as Memorial Day through Labor Day. These shoulder season months are delightful! The weather is neither too hot or too cold. Daylight Savings Time is in effect providing abundant sunshine with amazing sunsets daily.

In summary, one call to Shore Details really does answer all your questions. Vacation planning to Hatteras Island that is personalized to your wants and needs with attention to the details, is our specialty. We know you are looking forward to your beach vacation. We are excited to meet you if this is your first visit or welcome you back to your home away from home if you are a returning guest. Call today (252) 357-7121, we want to do everything we can to make it a memorable experience. We’ll see you soon…by the shore!

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Pool and Hot Tub Service

Your pool and hot tub will be serviced twice weekly to keep it safe and sparkling for you and your guests! We don’t forget the details, the pool area and decks will be kept clean and inviting by our state certified staff. Like everything we do we pride ourselves in partnering with the best professionals on the island. You won’t be disappointed in the weekly care, upkeep, and overall maintenance of your pool and spa. We know repairs and maintenance can be expensive. We keep your costs down by properly caring for your pool and spa all year long. Contact us for pricing.

Storm Prep and Assessment
We look after your investment! Before the storm hits know that your home is safe as possible. We shut your home, put shutters in place and let you know when it’s all done. As soon as the storm passes we assess damage and begin emergency repairs immediately. Don’t get lost in the pack, get that personal service that will put your mind at ease! We will work with your insurance adjuster providing detailed information and pictures, helping you get through the red tape faster!
Lawn Care Service

Improve your curb appeal, let our caring staff complete the appearance; let us show you the Shore Details look! We provide lawn care bi-weekly or monthly. We can also assist with your landscaping plans! Please contact us for details.

Pest Control Service
We don’t believe the standard “quarterly contract” has a big impact on our island critters. Most of these services are minimum and homes continue to have pests. We find it more effective to treat the problem as they occur so instead of charging for what you don’t need…. we offer to manage your pest control service on an as needed basis. Our management plan is more effective AND less expensive....Contact us today for more information.
Home Maintenance Care
We all know how important regular care and pro-active maintenance can be. Let us sign you up for one of our Maintenance Packages that will help keep your home in tip top shape. All our packages include monthly service inspections, Hvac filters and changes, as well as winter inspections and much more. We have a full team of professionals taking care of every detail, from the basic maintenance to pressure washing and large home projects. We know how to keep your home in great shape AND we keep you informed so you’re always in the loop when it comes to your home repair. Contact us today and ask for all the details!
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