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Thinking of visiting Hatteras now that the summer crowds have died down? Here are nine reasons why you should turn that ‘maybe’ into a ‘definitely yes’.

Awesome Surf
While not as famous as some of the other surf spots around the country, Hatteras Island is a wave-catcher’s paradise, especially in the fall. Head to Rodanthe, Salvo, Avon, Buxton, or one of the other high-quality surfing beaches on the island and find out why.

Clear Beaches and Roads
We all love the summer… and therein lies the problem. The tourists who flock to Hatteras in the summer are almost non-existent in the beautiful fall season, so expect (almost) traffic-free roads and gorgeously clear beaches.

Incredible Sunrises and Sunsets
Get up early enough on Hatteras in the fall and a spellbinding sunrise over the Atlantic is your reward. Missed it? Not to worry, simply hang around until dusk for a similarly sumptuous spectacle as the sun sets over the mainland.

Cheaper Rates
It goes without saying that all that demand tends to push prices up during the peak season. Instead, why not head here in the fall and enjoy a Hatteras adventure for a much more wallet-friendly price.

Beach Bonfires
A beach bonfire a is a great way to stay warm and enjoy the romance of a Hatteras evening. Make sure you get a permit from the National Park service first and stay within the permitted locations and times. From November 16th throughout the rest of the fall, beach fires are allowed in most locations around the island; until November 15th, they are restricted to areas around Coquina Beach parking lot, the villages of Rodanthe, Waves, Salvo, Avon, Buxton, Frisco and Hatteras, and at Ocracoke during the day.
Remember to fully extinguish the fire after use, and to stay within the provisions of your permit.

Great Kiteboarding Options
Hatteras is known as an excellent location for watersports, thanks to its position out on the Atlantic coast. Try your hand at kiteboarding, surfing, and other sports as that fall wind picks up. Just remember to stay safe!

Ideal Fishing Conditions
The seas around Hatteras are famous for Blue Marlin, making the island one of the world’s best ocean fishing sites. Get out on the waves and see what you can catch.

Perfect for Bird Watching
For those who prefer fauna of the airborne variety, Hatteras is also perfect. There is a fascinating range of birds found across the island, particularly when the snow geese, Canada geese, and tundra swans fly in for the winter, but it is up on Pea Island in the north of Hatteras where the most incredible array of our feathered friends is to be found.

It’s Time for a Treasure Hunt
Take your family on a treasure hunt for sea glass around the island’s beaches. Once the Atlantic waves and the coarse sand of Hatteras’ beaches have ground away the sharp edges, washed up glass makes a for a beautiful memento of your stay on the captivating island.